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Is your Idea the next best seller?

We’re obsessed with brilliant book ideas. Brilliant ideas in the hands of expert writers and editors lead to incredible results. That’s why we want to learn every detail about a client’s vision for their book before we begin working together.

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What we provide

What’s it like to work with The Visionary Pen on your Book? Here’s what you can expect.

Popular Features
  • A team not afraid to research and understand your topic.
  • Writers who understand that writing online often requires thinking in pictures and graphics – not just words.
  • Interviews to get the process rolling.
  • Help selecting a topic, if needed.
  • Development of an outline or table of contents to make certain everything is headed in the right direction.
  • Crystal-clear copy, with compelling headlines, subheads, and suggestions for graphics.
  • Fact-checking and editing by an experienced editor.
  • Revisions, if necessary, after you’ve reviewed all content.
  • Final proofreading to ensure perfection.
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Why choose the visionary pen?

You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, equally important, you'll work with writers who understand, really understand what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises.

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Want Your Book To Be The Next Best Seller?

Our experienced team of Ghostwriters can get the job done! We provide trust-worthy ghostwriting and book publishing services. Our services include:+

Our Process

Here’s what you can expect when you work with The Visionary Pen:

  • We will take the time to get to know you, your subject matter, and your industry. We spend a full two to three days interviewing you; learning more about your industry and your vision and goals for your book, discussing your style preferences, timelines, additional interviews, and background reading. We come to every interview ready to listen and learn, we take detailed notes and make recordings to make sure that we don’t miss a word.

  • You’ll enjoy working with your writing team. We understand customer service, and we’ve mastered the art of combining our expertise with yours. We know how to proactively offer advice, while also respecting your wishes as an author and expert. We accept your unique knowledge and insight into your target audience, and your unique personality as an individual – both of which should be reflected in your final manuscript.

  • You’ll review what we write as we write it. Ghostwriting is a collaborative, back-and-forth effort. We communicate with you regularly, and we’ll send you a new chapter or section to review about every other week. You’ll always know the status of your book, and you’ll be able to provide immediate feedback.

  • If you don’t like something, we’ll change it. We seek your feedback every step of the way. You tell us what’s working and what you’d like to change – and we make revisions based on your comments.

  • You’ll work with the best. We don’t farm out our work to inexperienced interns or fresh-from-college first-timers. Our writers have been doing this for a long time. We’re professional, full-time writers – and we’re exceptional at what we do.

Maximize the Power of Your Writing

It’s time to take your book to the next level.

Call us to discover how our team of industry experts can help make your publishing dreams a reality.

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Struggling to put your ideas into words? Talk to one of our ghost writing specialists.


Helped 7300+ authors in 11 years

I ordered website content for my website and to my surprise, it was amazing. I would like to thank the team for delivering my work on time. Thank you again and keep it up!

American Fashion Analyst

Sarah J.

Unbelievable service. They helped me a lot with my real estate book. I appreciate all the help guys. thank you a lot!

Real Estate Business Owner

Selena Pitt

It's always great to have a professional team working for you. They helped me throughout my book and after that they also guided me regarding book promotions. They were very patient throughout the project. Really appreciate it!

Author, Businesswomen

Alia Smith

I hired the team for some book editing. First of all they communicated on time and secondly, they completed the project before the deadline. Definitely hiring them again.

Coffee Shop Owner

Shannen D

5. I would like to share my wonderful experience with the best book writing service provider I cam across - The Visionary Pen.
My book needed a little editing and they did it pretty professionally. My friend recommended me their services and I am glad that I got in touch with them. Would love to work on other projects with you guys in future.

Pet Sitter in San Francisco

Mason Jacob

Frequently Asked Questions

A ghostwriter is a writer who gets paid to write for another person, under that specific individual's name. Commonly this kind of ghostwriting or ghostwriters is connected with distributing a book. Yet today ghostwriting is also broadly utilized as a part of advertising, corporate interchanges, online networking, and numerous different enterprises and fields that are delivering more noticeable and more noteworthy measures of written content.

If you are looking for an answer that, how to hire a ghostwriter, we can help you with that!

If you know people who have utilized ghostwriters or ghostwriting services, approach them to recommend potential ghostwriters for your task. Tell them your requirements and desires, which can guide them to an ideal contender for you. This can spare you time, vitality, and even cash.

You can search online freelance sites for ghost writers if you like. Looking through different sites for different ghostwriters and ghostwriting services can guarantee that you get a quality ghostwriter who best fits your particular task.You can even consider making a job posting for one of the ghostwriting services sites. Incorporate data, for example, your necessities and basics and your financial plan.

Our essential concentration is to give you a ghostwriter for hire and ghostwriting services that you can rely on to finish amazing content. There are different things that you need to consider when you hire a ghostwriter.

The cost of contracting a ghostwriter fluctuates enormously relying upon the factors of the project, the capability of the writer, the many-sided quality of the topic, its complexity, and that's just the beginning. When you hire a ghostwriter, you're paying for their experience, skill, ability and time.

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that says they can is being dishonest, as Google’s algorithm changes frequently.

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